Samsung SGH-i916 (aka Cetus) Windows Phone 7 posed in leaked pic on Web

Samsung SGH-i916(Cetus) Windows Phone 7 posed in leaked pic along with iPhone 4 in Canada. It is most probably a slight variation to the GH-i917 Samsung Cetus smartphone. It is equipped with  latest Windows Phone 7 OS. It might be making its presence over Rogers in Canada.

This device having model number SGH-i916, which is a little different from Cetus model number GH-i917, but the design of the both devices are the same. May be the SGH-i916 is destined for Canada, and GH-i917 is for USA.

Samsung Cetus(SGH_i916)

Samsung Cetus(SGH_i916)

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By predicting the above image, you can see that The Samsung Cetus(SGH-i916) comes with latest Windows Phone 7 OS, total internal storage of 7.39GB(8 GB)& available memory storage of 6.70GB and it looks slightly bigger than iPhone 4 but might features an AMOLED screen of 4 inches.

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