Mysterious Samsung Tablet P10 Hits The FCC; May Feature 11.8-Inch 2560×1600 Display

Samsung Tablet P10 Hits The FCC

The Apple vs Samsung trial has already revealed that Samsung is set to launch a tablet codenamed the “P10.” The said tablet is rumored feature a 11.8-inch display with Retina-like resolution of 2560 X 1600 pixels, which is higher than 1080p. It seems the same tablet has passed through the labs of the FCC and stays for launch. As hinted by the label and its location in the above image, we might be looking at a new Samsung tablet, which might be on its way to IFA event or Samsung event next week on August 15th, and we can also expect to see the next version of Galaxy Note handset at the same event.

According to the FCC fillings, the unannounced P10 tablet will indeed feature 16GB of internal storage, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and NFC. This tablet should have a bigger and better processor to hold such high resolution and big size display. So, we are guessing this device may also be powered by the new Exynos Dual 5 processor, which will be based on the Cortex A15 and it will also support 2560×1600 WQXGA screen resolutions. You can also see in the above image that corners are more rounded for P10 tablet than current Samsung Galaxy tablets. There are also changes for camera shape and placement.

So, are you looking forward to buy a tablet with 11.8-Inch 2560×1600 super-high resolution Retina-like display with 256 ppi? The newly launched Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 is hitting the stores sometime this month.

Source: FCC

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