Samsung Testing Smartphones with 3GB of RAM for Next Year Releases

Samsung 3 GB

In the last few days we have encountered a number of rumors and reports regarding Samsung’s next year plan. It seems that Samsung is working on a device with 3GB of RAM. The unidentified media reports claim showing a picture of the phone being tested.

The above image shows two Samsung mobile phones which is said to be a prototype under testing. There is also a label on each two mobile phones says ”3Gb of RAM”, initially creating confusion with the report. But the source has confirmed that it is Bytes and you can confirm it as 3GB of RAM. Well this report raises one question in our mind that “why would you need 3GB of RAM when 1GB of RAM is enough?” Samsung has been working hard to improve their software and it could be that they have been working on a feature where you actually need such amount of RAM. But, it is still not clear what the purpose of improving that huge amount of memory is.

The same source has also reported that Samsung is about to change the design and follow a button-less trend (finally removing the home button which will appeal to many while others will have their own objections).

It is expected that these prototypes in testing is for a possible 2013 release.


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