Samsung unveils world’s first 2,000 nits OLED display for smartphones


The South Korean tech giant, Samsung Display, has showcased a smartphone OLED panel that can achieve a peak brightness greater than 2,000 nits at CES 2023. As of now, most of the smartphone makers are making the smartphones with displays that can range from 500 nits to 1500 nits of brightness. To recall, the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra is the only handset to have the brightest display that came with a max brightness of 1750 nits, which lets you use the phone in a very bright environment during the day.

Samsung’s latest 2,000 nits OLED display has also been certified by UL Solutions, by obtaining the “UDR (Ultra Dynamic Range, ultra-high dynamic range)” mark. For your reference, at CE 2023, Samsung also launched the new S95C and S90C QD-OLED TVs that can hit peak brightness of 2000 nits, also supporting 144Hz refresh rate and the Samsung Gaming Hub feature.

In the above image, you are looking at two screens are being kept for comparison in a cabin at CES 2023.  The new UDR 2000 OLED is being compared with a ‘conventional’ OLED screen, and looking at the two panels, You can observe the improved brightness and much better color characteristics with better dynamic range on the “UDR 2000” certified screen.

The new OLED mobile phone screen is based on color expression, which also presents consumers with 3D and realistic picture quality. Samsung Display has improved the brightness characteristics of the display while maintaining power consumption to ensure much better visibility of smartphone screens in bright outdoor environments use.

Samsung Display claims it secured a UDR 1,500 nits luminance rating on its new panel, and more realistic and rich colors can be especially noticeable in outdoor bright environment. The company is expected to adopt this UDR smartphone display technology in the forthcoming Galaxy S23 Ultra phone, which is scheduled to launch in early February.

Source: Samsung

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