Samsung Nexus Prime To Be Announced At CTIA Mobile Unpacked Event [Video]

Samsung's Google Nexus Prime Teaser

Samsung is preparing for a Mobile Unpacked Event on October 11 at CTIA event. To tease the Android fans, Samsung has released its latest teaser video for Samsung Mobile Unpacked 2011. Sammy has teased a profile view of the upcoming superphone at the end of the teaser video. It is none other than the Samsung-made Google Nexus Prime. Samsung says that “Something Big Is Coming.” We’re expecting to see the next Google-phone, Samsung Nexus Prime to be revealed out officially at the event. At the end of the video, we can also see both the Samsung and Google logos, letting us to guess that “Google Episode” is gong to be a joint Samsung-Google unveiling of an Android phone. Call it Nexus Prime, Galaxy Nexus, Droid Prime or whatever you want, we should be seeing it in less than two weeks.

The video is teasing a serious screen curve of the handset. The older Samsung-made Nexus S phone has also got a screen with curved tempered glass, but the Nexus Prime has got the concave concave glassscreen. You can also see the dock ports on the side of the handset like that of the Nexus One.

Specs wise, Nexus Prime has a 4.6-inch touchscreen display (with Samsung’s Super AMOLED technology?) delivering 1280 x 720 resolution pixels at 320 ppi density, powered by a latest dual-core processor. It will be having Honeycomb-style Android control buttons on the screen at bottom side, but we won’t see the regular capacitive buttons. Of course, Samsung’s Nexus Prime will be having the new Android Ice Cream Sandwich OS locked inside.

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Watch the video after the break. You can skip to 0:19 if you want to the glimpse of the Nexus Prime handset.

Source: YouTube, Facebook

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