Samsung Unveils One UI 5 Watch, a Major Upgrade for Galaxy Watch Users

Samsung has been continuously improving its version of Wear OS since the release of the Galaxy Watch 4. Samsung quietly announced its latest smartwatch OS – One UI 5 Watch. The latest update, One UI 5 Watch, brings several new features and improvements, including enhanced sleep tracking, personalized fitness features, and better access to emergency services when using SOS.

Samsung has taken inspiration from Fitbit’s sleep tracking features to improve its own Galaxy Watch sleep tracking capabilities. While Samsung smartwatches have been lauded for their app library and advanced athletic metrics, they have traditionally lagged behind Fitbit in terms of sleep tracking. However, with the latest update, Samsung has introduced new sleep tracking features that include an animal icon, similar to Fitbit’s Sleep Profile.

The image above showcases the latest features that Samsung is introducing with One UI 5 Watch. The sleep score is now accompanied by a word-based rating system that indicates the quality of sleep. In the given example, a sleep score of 82 is labeled as “good,” and a penguin icon is also displayed.

Interestingly, the penguin icon is borrowed from Fitbit’s Sleep Profile, which uses different animals to represent various sleep styles. While penguins are not part of Fitbit’s Sleep Profile, they are known to take multiple short naps throughout the day, making them interesting sleepers.

One of the unique features of the new Samsung sleep tracking is personalized suggestions on how to improve sleep habits based on the user’s sleep history. This feature is not available on Fitbit without a subscription to Fitbit Premium. In contrast, Samsung does not have a subscription service for sleep metrics, making them available to all users for free.

One UI 5 Watch introduces Sleep Insights UI, which provides a sleep score for each night’s rest along with detailed information on sleep phases, blood oxygen levels, and snoring hours. With the new Sleep Coaching feature, users can access personalized guidance on how to improve their sleeping habits. One UI 5 Watch also offers seamless integration with SmartThings-compatible devices, allowing users to easily turn off connected devices when the watch detects they are asleep.

In addition to the sleep tracking features, One UI 5 Watch also includes new fitness tracking capabilities. The update includes personalized heart rate zones for running, real-time analysis during runs, and a customized interval training program. Samsung has also added five different workout intensity levels, ranging from warm-up to max effort, to help users better tailor their workouts to their fitness level.

For Galaxy Watch 5 Pro users, the update adds the ability to search and access GPX Files via Samsung Health, as well as an expanded Route Workout setting for running and walking. These features allow users to more easily plan and track their running routes, and make it easier to find new routes in unfamiliar areas.

One UI 5 Watch includes an updated SOS feature that allows for direct communication with emergency services, providing information on the user’s location and access to their medical information. Additionally, the update includes fall detection, which will be activated by default for users aged 55 years and older. This feature will automatically detect if the user falls and send an alert to their emergency contacts.

Overall, the new One UI 5 Watch update brings a range of new features and improvements to Samsung’s smartwatch lineup, making it an even more powerful tool for fitness tracking and sleep monitoring.

Samsung’s current fitness program is commendable. The Galaxy Watch 4 and 5 employ state-of-the-art sensors, and the fitness packages included with each device aid users in monitoring their physical activity. Nonetheless, there’s always room for improvement.

The latest operating system for the Galaxy Watch 4, 5, and its forthcoming series of wearables, likely to be named the Galaxy Watch 6, is One UI 5 Watch. It starts by enhancing sleep tracking, with a more comprehensive approach than previously employed. One UI Watch 5 prioritizes sleep patterns and building healthy sleep habits. This introduces new metrics that users can explore, such as snore hours, blood oxygen levels, and sleep phases.



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