Phone Cases For Samsung Attain, Within and Function Appear On Amazon

Amazon Samsung Galaxy S II US variants' case

We already know that Samsung Galaxy S II is heading to US in various carrier-specific forms viz., Samsung Galaxy S II Attain for AT&T, Samsung Within for Sprint, and as Samsung Function to Verizon Wireless. While we don’t yet know the exact name of the T-Mobile’s version, but we still know that it is heading to T-Mobile soon. And there were also reports that the release of Galaxy S II variants for the U.S. would be imminent, most probably in July and the recent AT&T Samsung Attain leaked pictures also suggested that we are not too far away from the U.S. release of the highly rated Samsung Galaxy S II.

A phone case manufacturer (TPU-Cases) has put up their newly manufactured silicon cases for the US variants of the Samsung Galaxy S II including Samsung Attain, Samsung Within, Samsung Function etc. What this tells us is that, all the US variants of the Galaxy S II will feature identical builds as we have seen in the case of the original Samsung Galaxy S. The appearance of the cases for Galaxy S II are just add weight to the rumors about imminent release of the phone.

Another interesting observation that can be drawn here is the missing of a T-Mobile variant. Could it be that the T-Mobile’s Galaxy S II variant will be of different size?

[Source: Amazon] [Via: Phandroid]

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