Skyfire 4.0 For Android Available To Download Now

Skyfire 4.0 For Android

Skyfire is a one of the popular Android browsers. A new version of this app, the Skyfire 4.0 is now available to download from Android Market, bringing a handful pack of enhancements.

Skyfire 4.0 lets the users to customize the Skybar to their liking and has been updated with Groupon, Twitter integration, Sports-News feed, Google Reader, Share button, Finance, and quick approach to the browser settings.

Skyfire 4.0’s new “video optimization” feature for $2.99 (after a 3 day trial) is unlockable via an in-app purchase so that Android users can unlock the video services, including the Flash videos, and the software offers. It is having the ability to convert Flash video content into something playable on non-Flash-enable devices

Skyfire 4.0 For Android


Android users now can download Skyfire 4.0 version here at Android Market (hit the link) for Free. But the optional Flash feature is going premium for $2.99.

Verizon customers can download the Skyfire 4.0 from VCastTM Apps section of the Android Market and it will have the browser’s video unlocked free for a limited time.

[Source: Android Market]

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