Smart Video Eye Recognition feature Coming for LG Optimus G Pro in April

Smart Video Eye Recognition for LG Optimus G Pro

Earlier this month, we reported about the rumored Smart Eye Scrolling technology for the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S IV handset. The new eye scrolling feature will arrive for browsers and emails, and it is also expected to recognize your eyes that will start and stop video playback as you watch a video. When you read an article and reach the bottom of the page, this feature will automatically scroll down to show the next paragraph. It looks like LG stole the very same feature from Samsung. LG has officially announced a new Value Pack update for its Optimus G Pro handset, which has been made official in last month.

As a part of the new Value Pack update, the LG Optimus G Pro handset will get a feature called Smart Video that will take advantage of the eye recognition technology by using the front-facing camera to track the user’s eyes, while you are watching a video. If you are not looking at the handset’s display as video clip is playing, the new eye tracking feature will detect the change and pause the video automatically. The clip will start playing again when handset detects that you return your focus on the phone’s screen.

The device will be also getting some of the following features:

# Dual Camera feature – It will take photos using the front and back cameras simultaneously
# Video Pause/Resume – It will let the users to stop and start while capturing a video to create one continuous clip
# Magic Remote Keypad
# Text Keypad
# A set of color emoticons
# QRemote app
# Smart LED Lighting (on LG Optimus G Pro’s physical home button) will be updated to allow you to specify different colors to specific contacts. So that you can identify the source of incoming calls, missed calls, unread messages and emails.

LG has confirmed that “Smart Video” feature will be rolled out to the Optimus G Pro in Korea in April as part of a Value Pack update. The manufacturer is also preparing to roll out the Value Pack to “some premium LG smartphones” in the future.

Samsung is currently using the front-facing camera on its handsets such as Samsung Galaxy S III, Galaxy Note II, which will allow the screen to stay on until the user falls asleep. The manufacturer will introduce the most awaited Galaxy S IV in New York today.

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