Nokia’s Smartphone Shipments Slip Further While Apple And Samsung Gain in Q1 2011

The Q1 2011 was over last month and we are in the Q2 right now, and all the smartphone manufactures have reported their financial reports for the quarter. It is now time that we look into the trends of smartphone market for Q1 2011.

ABI research has released the stats of their research for the first quarter and we have looked into some details that matter to us. ABI research has estimated that 100 million smartphones were shipped in Q1 2011 that’s down by 0.5% compared to Q4 2010 but a 75% gain over Q1 2010.

Smartphone Manufacturers Shipment Market Growth In Q1 2011:

If we consider the total number of smartphones shipped in Q1 2011 and further divide them by the manufacturers, Nokia and Motorola experienced a big dip in their smartphone shipments. Motorola Mobility reported a 16% decline in smartphone shipments while Nokia had 15% sequential decline. What is worrying for Nokia though is its steep fall from a market share of 40% down to 25%. Samsung reported the highest gain in shipments by showing a 16% sequential gain. Apple which benefited from the Verizon iPhone 4 release posed a healthy 15% sequential gain. HTC could show a decent 7% sequential growth while RIM could only manage a meagre 2% growth. All these stats are depicted in the graph below.

Mobile manufacturers growth in Q1 2011

Top Smartphone Platforms In Q1 2011:

Android ruled the market with more than 30 million Android devices being shipped in Q1 2011, followed by Symbian which delivered 25.6 million devices to take the second position while Apple’s iOS takes the third spot. It is also predicted that iOS will cruise into the second spot by outranking Symbian by the end of 2011.

[via] Business wire

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