Some AT&T Stores Denying To Sell Nokia Lumia 920 off-contract: Report


AT&T today started selling the Nokia Lumia 920 online and in-stores for $99 on contract or $449 after taxes and you don’t have to sign up for a 2-year contract. Well. if you are thinking to go to your local AT&T store and pick up the new Nokia Lumia 920 for off-contract deal, you better stay at home and order the phone online. According to the reports, some AT&T stores are refusing to sell the Lumia 920 with no commitment and they are guiding the customers to go online and order off-contract phones through AT&T’s official website.

AT&T’ PR told MyNokiaBlog that some stores aren’t correctly applying a policy and “we were sure to re-emphasize this to the staff.” According to some reports, AT&T reps are also unsure about the free wireless charging pad offer and stock is yet to arrive to some stores and some service reps are suggesting the buyers to head over to Microsoft store to pick up the off-contract Lumia 920. Most surprisingly, some service reps are asking the buyers to activate a new line of service to buy the Lumia 920 off-contract. But why AT&T? Why?

Microsoft Store

Finally, we can suggest you to make an appeal to AT&T managers and ask them to call AT&T support. Then, hopefully you may walk out of the AT&T store with Nokia Lumia 920 off-contract. It would be better if make a call before you make your way to the AT&T store. If you plan to head over to Microsoft store, keep in mind that you can take advantage of the free wireless charging pad offer in AT&T stores only

Source: My Nokia Blog

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