Sony announces “my Xperia” remote tracking service

Sony  introduces My Xperia service

After Apple launched their app and service called “Find My iPhone” for their Apple devices, now, Sony has announced a service called “my Xperia” for their Xperia owners.

Few months ago, when Sony used the term “my Xperia”, it was expected that the manufacturer was working on a home-made cloud storage service. But today, we come to know that the term is actually a smartphone tracking service. By using this service, you can get your lost device easily.

The service is really simple, you can activate the app in your phone’s settings by using Google ID, then you can sign in to this website. Once you are logged in and when your device is lost, you can locate your smartphone on a map, sound an alert even if your device is already set in Silent mode. Remote lock the phone to keep you information private and ping contact information, and remote erase the internal and external memories of your device if required.

You can note that in November, last year, AT&T and T-Mobile introduced a database which can track stolen cellphones and it can disable voice and data services on stolen phones altogether.

Although the “my Xperia” service has been announced, the service won’t be available to all Sony smartphone users since the newly announced service is still in the beta stage. My Xperia service will be available as of now in Nordic regions on select 2012 Sony smartphones running ICS, starting with the Sony Xperia acro S. Sony will be introducing this helpful service to other Sony users as well very soon.  In order to get further information about “my Xperia” service, hit the source link given below.

Source: Sony Mobile
Via: GsmArena

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