Sony Ericsson Cyber-Shot Android Phone (Possibly) Pictures Leaked!

Sony Ericsson is going wild with series of new Android phones already launched and yet to be launched powerful Android phones that are resting in their kitty. New rumors suggests that Sony Ericsson might be bringing new Cyber-Shot branded phones running on Android OS. A new blurry image of what could possibly be a Sony Ericsson’s first Cyber-Shot Android phone has surfaced online. The images are utterly burry but with a retaively easy effort, you could read the ‘Cyber-Shot’ brand logo on the phone and you could also see the ‘Home’, ‘Back’, and ‘Menu’ buttons, characteristic of a typical Android phone. The images however doesn’t releave anything about the rear side of the phone, especially about the type of camera it possesses. We assume it to include xenon flash and optical zoom, as the brand ‘Cyber-Shot is extremely as a photography brand.

Sony Ericsson Cyber Shot Leaked picture

Sony Ericsson Cyber-Shot Leaked image

While we can’t genuinely take these leaks as authentic information, we would tend to think them to be true. The reason is simple! Sony Ericsson has already started to bring Android phones on all of its popular brands (for instance, new Walkman series Android phones) and Cyber-Shot is for sure worthy to be considered taking into account all the popularity that it has got as an imaging brand.

[Source: Xperia Blog] [Via: PocketNow]

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