Sony Ericsson LiveView Turns As Remote Control for Smartphone

Sony Ericsson yesterday announced the Sony Ericsson LiveView, an innovative accessory which offers a total product experience and enhanced mobile possibilities. Its tiny display with remote control functionality expose the activities of your mobile phone, powered by Android. Sony Ericsson LiveView allows the user to control the Sony Ericsson music features of the handset like selecting tracks and controlling volume from the tiny display.

The Sony Ericsson LiveView is the first Sony Ericsson accessory to be compatible with the open Android platform. So creative users can develop innovative applications with the help of third-party developer integration.

You can clip this device to your wrist, shirt, pocket or any note book, virtually any where you want.

Sony Ericsson LiveView uses the Bluetooth connectivity to wirelessly pair up to a compatible handset and allows consumers to control the phone. There’s an Android app you can install on your phone that’ll get it to communicate with the 128 x 128 pixel grid, so users will be able to control many of their phones’ key features like find your phone, read text messages, see incoming calls and get latest updates of Facebook and Twitter. The tiny screen also displays calendar reminder and events.

Sony Ericsson LiveView

Sony Ericsson LiveView

Sony Ericsson LiveView

Full Technical Specifications of Sony Ericsson LiveView

L x B x H11.0 x 35.0 x 35.0
Weight15 grams
TypeColour OLED display
Size1.3 inches
Input/ User Interface
InputTwo hardkeys and four softkeys
Power & Connectivity
USBMicro USB connector
USB High Speed 2.0 support
BluetoothOperating Range – 10 m

Social Networking services

Incoming SMS
RSS feeds
Facebook & Twitter updates
CompatibilityAndroid phone compatible  with Android OS 2.0 & above
Sony Ericsson Live Manager
Other FeaturesFind your phone
Calendar reminder
Third-party developer integration

Sony Ericsson LiveView

Sony Ericsson LiveView

Sony Ericsson LiveView is compatible with all Sony Ericsson Android 2.0 and up mobile phones (like Xperia X10, Xperia X10 mini, Xperia X10 mini pro). It is also compatible with Android 2.x mobile phones from other manufacturers that are equipped with Bluetooth™ 2.1 (like Samsung, Samsung Galaxy S, HTC & HTC Desire).

Watch the below official video of Sony Ericcon LiveView

Price & Availability

The Sony Ericsson LiveView will be available in the end of year 2010. Pricing is not known yet.

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