Sony Ericsson Xperia Play’s leaked commercial comes out [Video]

Xperia Play Leaked Commercial

The unreleased Sony Ericsson Xperia Play’s first commercial has leaked out online. Folks over the Droid NYTT have managed to get a copy of this commercial. The ad is just showing a scary looking Google Android robot with back-alley thumb transplant goons and some of the games in action also showed. The commercial features a man running through some back alleys on a mission to hand over a scissors to a secret group surgeon who then uses the scissors to cut some bandages like wrappings off of an Android robot.

Sony Ericsson hasn’t announced any thing about the upcoming PlayStation Pone, Xperia Play until now. The commercial is clearly noting us that what it played around with was “subject to changes, so don’t be alarmed by any missing features or exposed cables.” Check out the commercial after the break and there is a PlayStation Certified” logo on the device at the end of the commercial.

[Via: Engadget][Source: Droid NYTT]

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