Sony PS3 Firmware Update 3.56 Jailbroken?–Beware of Rootkits and Fake CFWs


It was reported that Sony’s PS3 firmware 3.56 has been hacked less than 24 hours after release. Well in this war between the hackers and developers of Sony, the common user will be victimized. The news of getting homebrew running in Firmware 3.56 may make some of the hackers smile for some time, but it may be short lived.

Well you may be asking how a common user will be hit by this non ending war? Here is the answer.

While Sony is trying to get hold the security concerns, illegal hackers trying to promote their own fake CFWs to innocent users. Another shocking new which is just in is that, apparently Sony has included a Rootkit kind of a thing in the Firmware update. Here are our words of precaution.

What if a Rootkit is really present?

Current reports seem to indicate that some hackers have dug the firmware 3.56 deep enough and what they found is that Sony may have included their own “rootkit”. What can this Rootkit do? It may allow them(Sony) to execute remote codes upon login. Well that can apparently be from verifying system files, detecting custom firmware, searching for any installed homebrew to deactivating the system. And the executed code can change at anytime without a firmware update. Well in short Sony controls it all on their end. If its true its going to be really scary.

Dozens of Fake CFWs for 3.56 on the internet!!!

Another thing which we have come to notice is the fake Custom Firmware or CFW from unknown sources being released on the internet. If an amateur user happens to use a fake one, he/she might end up crashing the system.

So finally, as told before, the common users are stuck in this war.

You can download the Firmware Update 3.56 from here.

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