Sony St26i Leaks Out; Features 4-inch qHD Screen, 1GHz ST-Ericsson Chip

Sony St26i

Yesterday, Sony has officially announced its new flagship phone, the Xperia GX aka Sony LT29i Hayabusa and the lightest LTE capable Xperia SX handsets. Now, we are hearing about the new Sony phone, which is currently making unofficial rounds online. The yet-to-be announced handsets is codenamed Sony St26i.

We got what may have been our first glimpse at Sony’s St26i handset, which is showing off the least design changes to the Xperia line-up. We also got rumored specs of this handset that make this out to be a mid-range spec’d Xperia handset by all standards.

Sony St260i is expected to feature the following features:

# Running Android 2.3 Gingerbread OS
# 4-inch qHD display with 540 X 960 pixels of resolution
# 1GHz ST-Ericsson U8500 chipset
# 512MB RAM
# 8GB of internal storage
# HD video capable camera

You can see the capacitive buttons at the front side of the device. There’s no indication yet of any possible launch details for the Sony St26i handset, but Sony should be prepping to release it by this summer.

Source: it168

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