Sony unveils External Batteries for Smartphones, Tablets launching in October, November


The Tokyo based electronics firm, Sony announced on Monday, 24 September that it will start to introduce a new line of external batteries for smartphones and tablets in the market.

They announced several function portable power models:
1) USB Output ( flat type) “CP-F1LSVP”, “CP-F1LSAVP”
2) USB Output ( flat type) “CP-F2LSAVP” and
3) USB Output (Stick type) “CP-ELSVP”

The first one model has a slightly smaller model that holds 3500mAh battery. It can be reused about 500 times and can charge a typical smartphone in about 130 minutes. It has an aluminum body of a thickness of about 9.4mm, weigh around 125g and has a flat shape and convenient. It can be recharged in around 4 hours by electric socket and 8 hours by USB.

The second model also has a flat type with aluminum body weigh approx. 198g slim. It can charge two phones simultaneously. CP-F2LSAVP holds a 7000mAh battery and it can provide about three full charges to a typical smartphone at 2.1 amps when both of its USB ports are used.


The third one features a small cylindrical 2000mAh battery, has stick type with new alignment of all four colors Blue, Pink, red, and Silver. It can give power output continuously for 1 hour at 1 Amp.

The external flat external batteries will go on sale from November 14 and the stick model from October 13 in Japan with prices ranging from 2300 yen ($30) to 7,000 yen ($90) depending on the battery capacity.

Source: Sony (Translated)
Via TechHive

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