Sony URLs Confirmed Xperia Z and Xperia ZL Retail Names

Sony Xperia ZL

We’ve already reported about the leaked press shot of the Sony C660X Yuga aka Xperia Z, which is set to be launched as the first 1080p handset by the Japanese manufacturer. They also expected to launch its dual-SIM version, known as Xperia X, based on some earlier rumors. But, a new evidence revealed out suggesting Sony could go with another name, calling it “Xperia ZL”, instead. The above picture allegedly represents the press image of the Sony Xperia ZL, which is also known by its codename “Odin”. An URL on gives us the first proper look of the upcoming 2nd high-end handset from the manufacturer.

There is a front-facing camera on the bottom-right side, and the front side of the Xperia ZL looks similar to the Xperia Z. On the other side, a Vietnamese website site has revealed out some information on the possible features of the Xperia ZL. According to the source, it will be heavier and thicker than the Xperia Z, and it has also got a a small cover on the back letting the users to access the microSD card and SIM card slots. You can also observe a notification light at the bottom side of the handset, which is similar to that of the Xperia miro and its top and bottom bezel is much narrower. It will pack a patterned plastic back body. Just like the Xperia Z, the Sony Xperia ZL is also expected to ship with IP57 certification for dust and water resistance.

Another small search on website appears to confirm Xperia Z as the retail name, confirming its official retail name and the press image (pictured at bottom) is quiet small. It shows off its dedicated camera button on the right side. There’s an URL link to a press image of the Xperia ZL labeled “×348.png”, as well as a link to a page of Xperia Z press shot tagged “×169.png

Sony Xperia Z

Both the Xperia Z and Xperia ZL handsets would be launching at CES 2013 show this month. Do you think there is any chance the phone with rumored retail name Xperia X could be something different altogether? Stay tuned to Gadgetian for more information.

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