Sony Xperia sola ICS now features “Glove Mode” for use in the Cold!

xperia sola glove mode

Nokia’s Lumia 920 isn’t the only smartphone that lets you can use and navigate your phone while you are wearing gloves, Sony has just introduced Android 4.0 to the Xperia Sola along with a new feature called “Glove Mode.”

Sony rolled out updates for Xperia go, Xperia U and Xperia sola including Ice Cream Sandwich Android 4.0 upgrade and new unique media applications, although Xperia go and Xperia U do not have “Glove Mode”, the Xperia sola does.

Xperia sola features a new touch sensor technology, called Floating touch, that lets you use with the phone without even touching it. This unique user experience lets you control parts of the user interface (UI) by simply letting your finger hover above the screen. Floating touch enables the phone to register your finger up to 20mm above the screen. This makes it possible to detect not only the screen coordinates that you are pointing at, but also your finger’s distance from the screen.

Glove mode is enabled by default in the ICS upgraded Xperia sola, so when you unlock the phone while wearing a glove, you will enter glove mode automatically and Floating touch mode will be disabled. In this mode, both glove touch and normal touch usage will work, for example, if you take off the gloves. There is also a cursor ring shown where you press the screen with your glove, to help you understand where you are actually pressing the screen. To turn off glove mode, you simply lock the screen and then unlock it with your uncovered finger touching the screen and you’re back to normal mode with Floating touch enabled.

The update rollout will continue over the next few weeks in markets globally. Hope you get your Xperia sola updated soon to try this feature asap.


Source: Sony Mobile

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