Sony Xperia T Now Available at Three and O2 Stores in The UK

Sony Xperia T

After launching the Sony Xperia T earlier this week in UK in two online retailers, Phones4U and the Carphone Warehouse on contract through their respective websites, today it is available in store. This Sony Xperia T is also available directly through mobile networks, Three and O2.

If you’re after a Pay As You Go deal, Three offers the T for £399 when purchased with a PAYG top-up, while O2’s price is set at £429.99

Three offers the best plan for unlimited data users. It offers two plans: One Plan and Unlimited Internet 500 Plan. The One Plan offers at £34 per month. In this plan, you can get unlimited data, 2000 minutes, 3000 texts and there is also a bundled tethering features. But Unlimited Internet 500 offers at £30 per month with unlimited data, 5000 texts, 500 minutes. It doesn’t have bundled tethering. Both plans have same upfront charge with a £29. Three gives many other Plans with lower prices and minimum monthly fees but higher up-front charges.

Another network O2 provides On and On plan, with unlimited calls and texts. It costs £36 per month for 1GB data and 2GB for £41 per month.

It is possible to cut down to £31 per month with a reduced allowance of 300 minutes, unlimited texts and 1GB, with a £79 up-front payment for the phone. And if you do not need a large data, there is also another plan costs at £21.50 per month.

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Source: Three, O2

Via AndroidCentral

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