Sony Xperia V (LT25i) users reporting Sleep of Death issue

Sony Xperia V smartphone

In December last year, several Samsung Galaxy S III users started complaining about the sudden death issue found on their handsets over Reddit and XDA Developer forum. This year, we reported that the cause lies in a firmware bug, which was fixed by a firmware update. Now, it’s turn for the Japanese manufacturer, Sony.

In the thread over Sony Mobile Talk forum, a number of Sony Xperia V users have started complaining regarding the Sleep of Death bug on their smartphones. In the thread, more than 115 replies are there regarding the issue. Reports of this problem first started around the device release, in early December, 2012.

One user reported, “..The last two days I noticed that the alarm did not ring and then when I investigated the phone I could not start it with the on/off button on the right side… I had to remove the battery and put it back and then the phone kicked on.” Many other users reported random freeze problem also.

Although there’s no fix for the users currently, some are reporting that after upgrading to the latest firmware (9.0.1.D.0.10), the problem is resolved but other users reply that the firmware isn’t helpful to solve the problem. Again, Sony support team suggested to boot their smartphones in safe mode but several users reply after re-booting, they are still facing the issue.

You can note that Windows Phone 8 users from both Nokia and HTC have been facing issues with random reboots on their handsets. However, Microsoft confirmed that an Over The Air update will be delivered to fix the problem.

We hope that Sony will also try to fix the problem at the very soonest like Microsoft and Samsung did.

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  1. I just recently jumped ship from Sprint, Samsung cell phone to join At&t and Sony’s Xperia TL smart phone. I was excited to get a smart phone and wanted to support Sony instead of Apple’s iphone franchise. And yes, my Xperia TL had experienced this so-called “Sudden-Death” side-affect. I’m on the phone talking and/or waiting while I navigate through automated instructions and bam, my Xperia slips into a coma. I’ve gone to a Sony store and explained it to the house manager and they offered the stupid card, “I’ve never heard of that.” I told them I came across it online. They just said we can exchange it for another. Does this ‘bug’ affect the entire line of Xperias?


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