Sony Xperia Z users reporting sudden death issue, a fix to be rolled out

Sony Xperia Z smartphone

Sony officially started offering its flagship device, the Sony Xperia Z smartphone in different regions. Although the smartphone is packed with high-end specs and solid hardware under the hood, many Xperia Z users have started complaining about the sudden death issue found on their smartphones in the thread over Sony Mobile Talk Forum. In the thread, more than 25 replies are there regarding the issue. In another thread over XDA developers forum also, Sony Xperia Z users started reporting their issues.

One user reported, “Got my xperia z yesterday. Everything was fine till the morning. Tried turning on and didn’t do anything. No light when plugged charger in as well. Had to hold volume and power button for 10secs. Then happened again in the afternoon. that is twice today.”

Some users have reported that it is related to low battery status but the issue is found even on some users who have already charged their smartphones fully. The Japanese mobile manufacturer is aware of the issue and a fix for this problem will be implemented in next software update. Sony has posted on their forum which is shown in the screenshot shown below.

Sony Xperia Z death issue

It is worth mentioning that sudden death issue was also found on Samsung Galaxy S III smartphones but it was fixed by a firmware update. We are hoping that Sony will fix the problem as quickly as possible.

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