Sprint treating BlackBerry 6 OS to BlackBerry Bold 9650, Curve 9330 Smartphones

BlackBerry 6 OS Update for Curve 9390 7 Bold 9650

It seems Sprint is concentrating only on firmware updates this holiday season. After upgrading announcing the Froyo OTA updates for Samsung Epic 4G & Samsung Intercept smartphones, Sprint now has begun upgrading BlackBerry 6 OS OTA updates to the BlackBerry Curve 9330 and Bold 9650 handsets. BlackBerry’s version 6 brings new and improved UI, stream lined set-up process, universal search and some other enhancements.

Improvements To Take Place With BlackBerry 6 Update

# RSS feeds and updates from social networking services.
# Universal search covering both locally stored data and the web.
# Much improved web browsing with full Webkit technology.
# Bettered User Interface with better multitasking.
# Improved multimedia handling.
# Web browser with speed and compatibility improvements.
# Navigating tracks now includes a Cover Flow-like carousel in landscape.
# Multi-ouch & Pinch-to-zoom functionality

So the upgraded improvements are not proving to be the worthwhile update except ‘Webkit browser technology’ and ‘Universal search.’ BlackBerry 6 OS is also offering a more intuitive media experience, bringing album art from iTunes if synced with BlackBerry Media Sync. And the interface itself is much more visually oriented with icons instead of text and multiple home trays for favorites, media and recents.

The upgrade is being rolling out as over-the-air(OTA) update process and the updates are also available to download from BlackBerry’s site and you can sync your handset with BlackBerry Desktop Manager application. The BB 6 OS update of Bold 9650 is around 137MB of size, while Curve 9390 is weighing with 157 MB of size.

Customers are might be aware of the leaked version of the unofficial BlackBerry OS 6 upgrade has already been available for months and might be running it on their handsets. So uninstall the leaked version and download this official BlackBerry OS 6 for Curve 9390 and Bold 9650 handsets from the RIM’s site.

BlackBerry 6 OS Update for Curve 9390 7 Bold 9650

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