Sprint’s Galaxy S II Launching As Samsung Epic Touch 4G In September?

Sprint's Galaxy S II aka Samsung Epic Touch 4G

The most-awaited Samsung Galaxy S II is set to launch in the U.S. in the coming weeks through multiple carriers. Earlier, it is being rumored that Sprint’s Samsung Galaxy S II will be dubbed as Samsung Within, but the new reports are suggesting that Sprint’s Galaxy S II version will be branded as “Samsung Epic Touch 4G”. But the source is having a bad news for QWERTY keyboard lovers. Unlike its predecessor Samsung Epic 4G (Sprint’s Galaxy S variant), the Epic Touch 4G is said to be lacking the full slide out physical QWERTY keyboard. Like the original Epic 4G, the successor version is having Sprint’s super fast 4G WiMAX connectivity.

Finally we are hearing another possible branding name of the Sprint’s Galaxy S II version, but we want to hear the official details on the exact release date and the price info.  According to the source, the Samsung Epic Touch 4G is set for September launch, but the release date, and the price value are still being kept under the wrap for the moment. We are also unaware of the technical specifications of the Epic Touch 4G, but we believe that it will feature all the same specifications, and the same hardware of the original Galaxy S II. So guys, which brand name is more appealing to you – Samsung Attain or Epic Touch 4G?

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[Source: BGR]

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