[Download] Sprint’s HTC EVO 4G Gets 4.67.651.3 Software Update

Sprint’s HTC EVO 4G 4.67.651.3 Update

Own a Sprint branded HTC EVO 4G handset? Then get ready for a new update. Sprint has started rolling out a new firmware update for HTC EVO 4G handset. The latest firmware update brings the new build number 4.67.651.3 for the HTC EVO 4G handset. Along with the security update, the new firmware update 4.67.651.3 brings some power management changes that get an increased battery life, and an update for Peep.

Here is the full change-log of the 4.67.651.3 update for HTC EVO 4G handset:

# Update to version 4.67.651.3.
# Security Update.
# Updated Peep client (to align with Twitter).
# Battery life improvements.


The latest software update 4.67.651.3 is being rolled out through an OTA (Over-The-Air) process. So you should be seeing the signs of the update hitting your handset at any time now. Or else you can pull the update manually by heading over to Menu –-> Settings –> System updates –> HTC software update –> If the update found –> the update will be automatically downloaded –> Follow the on-screen instructions –> Let it do its task. After successfully finishes the upgrade process, the software version should be shown as 4.67.651.3 on your HTC EVO 4G handset.

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