Sprint ID App Reveals The Samsung Chief, Motorola Sunfire, LG Optimus B, And LG Q

Folks over Android Central have revealed out some interesting news regarding Sprint’s upcoming handsets. The carrier’s Sprint Employee ID app is hiding a few placeholders for handsets that are yet to be released out. The handsets’ names are listed as Samsung Chief, Motorola Sunfire, LG Optimus B, and LG Q.

Sprint ID App Reveals Samsung Chief, Motorola Sunfire, LG Optimus B, And LG Q

The Samsung Chief could be the Samsung Conquer 4G, which has been leaking out for a while under the name of Samsung SPH-D600. The Motorola Sunfire is expected to be the Motorola Photon 4G and this can be guessed by the relationship between the names. The LG Optimus B could be easily identified as LG Optimus Black. Finally, we have LG Q. This handset is believed to be the the LG Optimus Slider, which is having a QWERTY keyboard with Optimus 2x hardware. LG Optimus Slider aka Gelato Q has also leaked out through a screenshot of the Sprint’s inventory system earlier.

The release dates and price info of these four handsets are yet to be announced officially. But, according to the previous leaks, Samsung Chief aka Conquer 4G is set to release on July 24th. According to speculations, it could come with a price point between $50 and $100, and the LG Q aka LG Optimus Slider is expected to hit the markets on September 11th.

The Sprint ID app is also showing ‘Samsung Epic 4G 2.3’ term. What does it mean? Can we expect Android 2.3 Gingerbread update to be rolled out soon for Epic 4G?

[Source: Android Central]

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