Sprint’s Apple iPhone 5 To Be Launched In Early October With Unlimited Data Plan?

Sprint iPhone 5 launch date

There have been a couple of rumors / leaks about the upcoming iPhone 5 launch for the Sprint recently. The first one was about the possible launch of the iPhone 5 in the early October and the second was about the possible unlimited data plan that the carrier might offer.

First up, we are talking about a leaked internal memo from the Sprint’s management, addressed to the staff. The memo reads:

due to the possibility of a major phone launch in October we are blacking out September 30th through October 15th.

That is a managerial way of saying, “hey look, we’re going to launch the iPhone 5 in October and we need enough staff to work with the huge number of customers that are going to flood in, so no leaves for you during that period”. In other words, Sprint will be having all of its employees to tackle their first ever iPhone launch event.

Another report coming from Bloomberg in regard to the possible data plans to be offered with iPhone 5 by the carrier. Citing the sources familiar with the matter, Bloomberg reports that Sprint is planning to offer unlimited data plans with the Apple iPhone 5. This, if at all turns out to be true, will most likely be a step taken by Sprint to gain advantage over the other two carriers and attract the huge customer base that iPhone has always been associated with.

All good signs for all of us waiting for the Sprint’s iPhone 5. It’d be awesome if Sprint indeed manages to offer the unlimited data plan with iPhone 5.

[Source: SprintFeed, Bloomberg]

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