Sprint To Launch Nexus S 4G At CTIA?

Nexus S Listed on Sprint Website

Nexus S Listed on Sprint Website

Sprint will likely be the first CDMA operator to launch Google’s Nexus S. It will be WiMax-powered Nexus S 4G. Proving these claims, Sprint also has dedicated a page on its website for Nexus S handset, saying “this page will be ready soon.” The dedicated page isn’t live right now. There is nothing on the page right now about the Nexus S. You can also see the URL address of the page as “http://now.sprint.com/nexus”. Sprint’s upcoming Nexus S will be supporting bot the CDMA and WiMAX connectivity.

Google Nexus 4G is also being rumored after some Wi-Fi Alliance fillings. Sprint branded Nexus S 4G set to launch on March 22 at CTIA event. It is being heard that Sprint will be unveil two more products – EVO 3D and EVO View tablet at the same event. CTIA event is going to happen later this month – March 22nd to 24th in Orland FL.

Sprint At CTIA 2011

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