[Download] Google Wallet App (GWK74) For Sprint’s Nexus S 4G Available Now

Google Wallet – this feature will make your real regular wallet feel shy and it will do more than a regular wallet ever could. It is more secure than your wallet, says Google. We’ve a good news for Sprint branded Samsung-made NFC chip enabled Google nexus S 4G handsets’ users. Google Wallet app is being pushed to Sprint Nexus S 4G handsets through a new firmware update now. Yes, the Nexus S 4G, is the only exclusive mobile phone available from Sprint currently compatible with this product. Google Wallet’s service is totally free for the users. Google Wallet has been on trial since the end of May.

Google Wallet Update GWK74 For Sprint’s Nexus S 4G

Nexus S 4G users will be able to switch on the Google Wallet app and use the integral Google Prepaid Card to make payments at any retail outlet that accepts MasterCard Paypass contactless payments. Citi MasterCard issuers will be able to add their cards to the Google Wallet right now, using a set of APIs provided by Google. It just requires a special pin-code to make purchases and all the info of cards are encrypted. Google Wallet will not function if a phone’s battery is dead. And you don’t need to worry about security as the NFC chip is turned off when the screen off. So, tapping a Google Wallet enabled handset is potentially more comfortable than a plastic card for any purchase.

Google is also giving $10 on your Wallet Google Prepaid Card for those who set up the app by the end of the year. Unfortunately, AT&T or T-Mobile users of the Nexus S are not able to get this software update. Google has announced that Discover, American Express and Visa have provided their NFC specifications so that those payment options will also be added to Google Wallet in the future.


The update for Nexus S 4G handset is being pushed out OTA (over-the-air) and the users are running with the current software version GRJ90, will receive a notification alert on their screen panels to accept the latest software update. Or else, you can pull the update in manual process by tapping the Home button –> Menu –> Settings –> About Phone –> and check for the new GWK74 software update. You can also try dialing *#*#checkin#*#* ( or *#*#2432546#*#*) from your dialer to force your phone to check for the update.

So Nexus S 4G users, start making the tap-and-go payments at 300,000 PayPass locations around the world. You can see the locations where retailers are accepting the Google Wallet transactions (hit the link). Check out the videos after the break.

Source: Google Blog, MasterCard

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