Nexus S 4G Listing Spotted On Sprint’s Website

Nexus S 4G Search Listing On Sprint's Site

Sprint carrier has yet to confirm the rumored Nexus S 4G, the WiMAX-enabled version of Android Gingerbread powered handset. For a limited time, Sprint website lets the users to to search for the term ‘Nexus’ to get the listings. Folks over Engadget have spotted this listing, which has appeared as “Pure Google device and “the first smartphone with fully integrated Google Voice”, regarding the Nexus S 4G handset. Sprint has now removed the listing from the website and started teasing us again.

Nexus S 4G Logo

We’ve managed to spot the  Nexus S 4G logo also. Previously, Sprint also has dedicated a special web page on its website for Nexus S handset, saying “this page will be ready soon.” – later, the web page was removed by Sprint.

All these premature confirmations are pointing to the indeed launch of Nexus S 4G handset. We just have to wait for one more day, as Sprint will unveil it on tomorrow a CTIA event in Florida, along with the HTC EVO 3D smartphone, HTC EVO View 4G tablet and the rumored Sprint branded Motorola Xoom Honeycomb tablet.

[Via: Engadget]

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