SpaceX Starlink Roam offers global satellite internet for $200 per month

Starlink RV, a satellite internet service that boasted near-universal access across the continent, has undergone a rebranding and is now known as Starlink Roam. This new service offers users two pricing options: $150 per month for regional access or $200 per month for global access, provided the service is available in the area.

This announcement of the global service comes on the heels of Amazon’s Project Kuiper revealing its customer terminals, signaling increased competition in the satellite internet market.

With Starlink Roam, users can stay connected to the internet from virtually any location, thanks to the service’s impressive coverage area. Whether you’re traveling within a particular region or exploring the world at large, Starlink Roam offers a reliable and affordable satellite internet solution to keep you connected.

Starlink Roam customers have the option to purchase either a portable or in-motion antenna, just like with the RV package. The portable antenna costs $599, while the in-motion option is priced at $2,500. Prior to the launch of Starlink Roam, Dishy – Starlink’s satellite dish – could only be used on the same continent.

According to Starlink, the newly rebranded Roam subscription is designed to offer customers reliable internet connectivity in areas where traditional internet services are either unreliable or completely unavailable.

Additionally, subscribers can take advantage of the flexibility to pause and resume the service on a monthly basis as needed, with billing being charged accordingly. Whether you’re living in a rural area with limited connectivity or traveling to remote locations, Starlink Roam’s global service and flexible payment options make it an attractive solution for staying connected.

In February, Starlink users started receiving messages about a new global roaming service, even if they were located outside the coverage area. However, it wasn’t clear at the time that the new service would completely replace the existing Starlink RV package. While there is still not much information available about Starlink Roam, a recent email sent to subscribers suggests that there may be some connectivity issues, at least initially.

Starlink’s message stated that while the service will offer high-speed, low-latency connectivity, there may be intermittent periods of poor or no connectivity, though the company assures that this will improve significantly over time.

Although the rebranded Starlink Roam offers global access, it is worth noting that the service is only available in countries listed on Starlink’s availability map. It is uncertain whether the service will be accessible in countries where it is currently not allowed due to regulatory approval pending in some nations like India, Pakistan, and Cambodia.

Here’s where Starlink’s currently available

Furthermore, Elon Musk has recently stated in an interview with the Financial Times that the Chinese government has expressed its disapproval of the Starlink rollout. It remains to be seen whether Starlink will obtain approval to provide service in these countries.

Source: SpaceX

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