Sudden Deaths of Samsung Galaxy S III – A Motherboard issue?

Samsung Galaxy S III

Many users have reported sudden death of their Samsung Galaxy S III in the past few days over Reddit and XDA-developer forum. Most of the devices that have this issue are 180 to 200 days old and most of the users are from UK and other parts of Europe.

Premature deaths of such a popular device is a scary news. On the lighter side of things, Samsung seems to have acknowledged the issue and are replacing such dead GS3s under warranty. Even rooted GS3s are also eligible for replacement in case of a sudden death. We one this cannot be sure that is, is tis problem an isolated issue or is it wide spread. Will Samsung issue a hardware revision in order to resolve the issue?

One of the fear that exists in the minds of the owners of dead GS3s, which have been replaced is that what will happen if the same problem reiterates again after 5 to 6 months of use and what will happen if the warranty period is over?

On the technical side of the problem. simply replacing with the same hardware may not resolve the issue if in case the problem is a motherboard or a NAND issue as suggested by many. Samsung may need to address and reassure consumers at the earliest.

In another key issue, currently there is a security vulnerability over Samsung’s Exynos processor powered devices including the GS3 and Note 2. It is yet to fix the issue but pointed that the issue will be fixed very soon.

Source: Reddit, XDA Developers Forum
Via Android Authority

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