SurfCube Browser for Windows Phone 7 gives 3D Cube interface; Costs $1.99

SurfCube 3D Browser For Windows Phone 7

Most of the smartphone users might get bored using regular flat interface of their Web browsers, of course not, but if they came to know about this SurfCube Browser for Windows Phone 7, which builds a 3D cube interface around it, using a virtual cube for accessing menus and other features. This browser will help those users and its incredible. Kinabalu Innovation Limited has developed this amazing browser for Windows Phone 7 devices.

SurfCube Browser app features a nifty UI that positions different browser functions on five sides of a virtual cube. The standard browser window is front and center and at the left of the standard Web page, you’ve browser’s history view and at the right side settings tab. Favourites list and and a URL bar is above the standard Web browser and below is a tab view or you can shake or flick to rotate the cube and display SurfCube’s other screens like Settings panel, Tabs, Favourites. If you flick your phone in any of the four direction you still get the same functions as when swiping.

Browsing is still done in a standard 2D interface that displays only webpage on screen and other functions on five sides, but still manages to deliver all basic features of a browser and more. The application also has some useful features such as “bandwidth saver” that can be used to download less data or even stop downloading images altogether. It supports both ‘landscape’ and ‘portrait’ orientation and lets you lock it in place so that you can read in any position you want. Many more features will be updated soon.

SurfCube Browser is available right now in the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace for $1.99 and a fully functional browser for trial also available for Free, which enable the users for a test drive so that you can use the browser for 20 times to be opened and if you like the browser you can purchase this app here by hitting the below link and watch the video of SurfCube Browser in action after the link.


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