[Download] Swiftkey Beta 3 Update Brings New Tweaks And Enhancements

Swiftkey Beta 3 Update

In the midst of all the Samsung Galaxy S III handset’s news, there is an important news we forgot that we should share with you. Today, the increasingly popular keyboard, Android tablet and phone versions of the Swiftkey Beta 3 app received sizable update, bumping the software version up to The latest update brings updated UI, redefined Smart Punctuation pop-up, brings back the comma.

There were also bug fixes and some improvements made, here is the list of the changes of the Swiftkey Beta 3 update:

  • # Improved the UI: there is now a dedicated comma key, and the <123> key is now in the bottom-left corner. And of course you still have the larger spacebar.
  • # Refined the Smart Punctuation pop-up.
  • # Reintroduced the Long-press duration setting.
  • # Improved Smart Space functionality.
  • # Further reduced lag on some devices.
  • # Fixed a number of bugs, including the missing decimal point in the numpad and the “What’s New” dialog popping up all the time.


You can download the updated Swiftkey Beta 3 app (v3 from the appropriate links provided here at below.

Swiftkey Beta 3 Update for Phones (5.2MB).

Swiftkey Beta 3 Update for Tablets (5.7MB).

Source: Swiftkey

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