[Download] SwiftKey Flow Beta For Android Now Available

SwiftKey Flow Beta

Good news Android folks. Swiftkey keyboard makers have released the new beta version of Swiftkey Flow keyboard app for Android devices. In late October, Swiftkey has introduced an unique called “Flow” for its extremely intuitive prediction engine and it provides you a new and cool gesture-inspired typing experience. It’s an absolutely fantastic feature that lets you to swipe through full sentences and you don’t need to lift your finger from the keyboard and it allows you to swipe between words. Just like the new Android 4.2 keyboard, this app has also got gesture typing that predicts in real-time. Yes, it has the ability to read your mind.

We’ve already seen the Swiftkey Flow feature that was listed in the keyboard settings of the newly launched Verizon connected Samsung Galaxy Note II phablet, but it is missing all cool features of the  features of the original Swiftket Flow keyboard.

Swiftkey Flow Beta app is now available to download not for just VIP users, but also available for everyone. Go grab it from the below link for both handsets and tablets and type sentences “without lifting a finger”!

Tablet Version | Handset Version

SwiftKey Flow Beta Screenshot SwiftKey Flow Beta Screenshot


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