Swiftkey X Beta App For Android Available Now [Download]

SwiftKey X Beta App For Android

After launching the private beta version of the SwiftKey keyboard app for Android devices a few weeks ago, now they have launched the public beta version of the app. SwiftKey X Beta for Google Android devices is now available to download for free in the Android Market. This app features a high-powered text prediction system – the app can predict what the user is going to type before he finish writing a word. Even more, this app can guess what word the user will type next. SwiftKey X users have the option to allow the keyboard to learn from their interaction on social accounts. Yes, the app has the ability to personalize the users’ text prediction and it will scan through saved Gmail messages, Twitter tweets, and your Facebook data, looking for patterns in how you write. Like the other predictive text engine, SwiftKey learns as you type.

The updated app brings a new installer, low battery usage, new interface, redesigned settings menu, new dark theme, Improved email address entry, Improved response times, bug fixes, new navigation keys, and more improvements (check the source link at below for more info). Its new interface brings an easy access to options, users can swipe to change upper/lower case, delete words. The SwiftKey website states that typing a 273-character message, 55-word message requires just 108 key presses. For every SMS that the user send, SwiftKey is one step closer to guess their next SMS’s format with more accurate typing through AI-driven autocorrect. SwiftKey actually scans the SMSes you sent prior to installation, so that  it can quickly get up to speed on user’s writing skills. This app can truly learn from the way you talk to their friends, and family. The app also has a horizontal version that’s a lot easier to use the buttons.

SwiftKey X app now supports 17 languages, and users who have already paid for the full version of the current SwiftKey keyboard should be able to upgrade to SwiftKey X for free.

          SwiftKey X Beta App For Android SwiftKey X Beta App For Android


Android uses can download this awesome SwiftKey X Beta (v App from Android Market (hit the link) for free, which is weighing at the size of 2.9MB of size. Android devices are required to run the Android 2.1 or higher versions. We can guess that It might cost something once it leaves Beta level. Check out the video after the break.


[Source: Android Market]

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