Download ‘T-Mobile Bobsled’ VoIP App For Free Facebook Voice Calls

T-Mobile Bobsled VoIP App For Free Facebook Calls

T-Mobile has released its new “Bobsled” VoIP app, which lets you to make free calls from PCs to their Facebook friends and “one-touch” calls to the friends around the world. This VoIP app lets PC and Macintosh users make calls between Facebook pages, add voice to any Facebook Chat and leave voice messages and wall posts on Facebook. It is not exclusive to T-Mobile customers only.

T-Mobile users of Sidekick 4G, and the upcoming devices, can use the Cloud Text or Group Text apps to both talk to Facebook as well as coordinate text messaging across multiple users.

Once you install the app, a little phone image will appear by online friends’ screen names (required to install this VoIP app, of course), and then it’s just one click away, with confirmation on the other side. T-Mobile has promised support for the iPhone, other Android phones, and various tablets and it states its plans to extend the service to bring the capability of making VoIP calls to mobile and landline phones, video chat.

 T-Mobile Bobsled VoIP App For Free Facebook CallsT-Mobile Bobsled VoIP App For Free Facebook Calls


You can download the T-Mobile Bobsled VoIP App for Free from here and It’s also available as a free download from Facebook’s applications page (hit the links).

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