T Mobile-bound ZTE F555 Wombat QWERTY Phone passes through the FCC

ZTE F555 Wombat for T-Mobile

A few moments ago, we reported about the leaked images and the possible specifications of the successor to the QWERTY-equipped Samsung Galaxy M Pro handset. It looks like a new feature phone with QWERTY keyboard is heading to the United States to launch on T-Mobile network. A new handset called ZTE F555 Wombat has passed through the FCC labs, which means may be we’ll be seeing it launching soon in the U.S.

ZTE Wombat has been approved for use with GSM/EDGE in the 850/1900MHz bands over T-Mobile network, and according to the documents posted on the web site of the FCC, the device will have a 2 megapixel shooter on its back side, Bluetooth connectivity, and a QWERTY keyboard right below the navigation buttons. The FCC documents flailed to confirm the operating system and other specifications of the handset. But, we can say that it will be running with non-smartphone operating system and there’s also been no word on when it will arrive to the States.

ZTE hasn’t announced anything about a phone that will release on T-Mobile. On the other side, the manufacturer is getting ready to announce the 5-inch ZTE Grand S 1080p Android phone (as international version of the ZTE Nubia Z5) at CES 2013 event next week in Las Vegas. A previous FCC leak has also suggested T-Mobile will launch a high-end spec’d ZTE Grand X handset in the near future.

So, what do you think? Will you people buy the ZTE F555 Wombat phone?

Source: Phone Scoop, FCC

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