T-Mobile G2 Is Nearing End of Life According To A New Leaked Screenshot

T Mobile G2 EOL in Leaked doc

Remember the HTC T-Mobile G2, the powerful QWERTY-Slider Android phone that was launched last year via T-Mobile? Of course it has a new successor in the form of T-Mobile G2X, which is even more powerful. The mobile phone has mysteriously disappeared from the T-Mobile.com website after posing the ‘temporarily out of stock’ tag for little while. If you are an ardent fan of the T-Mobile G2, here is some not-so-pleasing news. A new leaked document (courtesy Tmonews) from T-Mobile has listed the T-Mobile G2 to be “nearing the EOL”. What? End of Life within a year of launch? Yes, unfortunately this will happen with most of the other old Android device as well with a flurry of Android smartphones hitting the markets every month.

In this particular case, may T-Mobile wanted to make room for the MyTouch 4G Slide, HTC Sensation or Samsung Hercules etc. If you own a HTC T-mobile G2, don’t worry there’s a new Gingerbread update coming your way. But if you want to buy one now, you soon would be out of luck. Anyhow, the just because it has got the “EOL” tag it doesn’t mean that T-Mobile will ditch the phone immediately, it may still be around for another two or three months, before we can say “RIP, G2” !


[Source: TmoNews] [Via: Engadget]

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