T-Mobile myTouch 4G’s Gingerbread Update Pilot Test Starts Now

T-Mobile myTouch 4G’s Gingerbread Update Pilot Test Starts Now

We already told you that T-Mobile has planned to roll out Android 2.3 Gingerbread OTA update for its exclusive HTC-made myTouch 4G handset through test pilot program for a limited number of users after 20th July 2011. Well, according o the latest reports, it looks like they kept their promise of providing a great opportunity for the T-Mobile customers, and the carrier has started rolling out the Gingerbread update for the customers who request the update to receive it. The update will roll out over the next few weeks, so don’t get panic if you haven’t received the notification just yet, as the update is being rolled out in waves, and they did say it would take time. We are sure that the update is definitely on the way to your handset, but a limited number of users Sad smile, as it is the Android shuffle over at T-Mobile right now.

It might be disappointing, especially for those who won’t be among the first to receive the Gingerbread update, but T-Mobile has also stated that a wider rollout for myTouch 4G customers after the completion of Test Pilot program and continue throughout the end of the year. It is a good sign that HTC and T-Mobile are definitely trying to bring the new iteration of Android to myTouch 4G devices.

Along with the Gingerbread update, T-Mobile has also included the latest version of Swype, Exchange 2010 support, fixed issues with Bluetooth, increased system stability, more responsive display, fixed roaming issues, and added a mixture of device-specific improvements. So, keep your eyes open for Gingerbread update on your lovely myTouch 4G phone.

Has anyone actually received the Gingerbread update? Let us know.

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