T-Mobile USA To Start Selling Apple Devices Next Year: Confirmed Officially

T-Mobile To Start Selling Apple Devices Next Year

Great news for T-Mobile subscribers. Late last month, we heard that the Magenta carrier would announce about is plans on carrying the Apple iPhones and iPads over its network. Finally, after being disregarded for long time (more than 5 years), at its annual investors conference, Deutsche Telekom, the German parent company of T-Mobile USA, has officially confirmed that the carrier will sell the Apple products in the U.S. from next year, 2013. DT says that “T-Mobile USA has entered into an agreement with Apple to bring products to market together in 2013.” (sic!).

They couldn’t provide exact details about which particular models of the iPhone or iPad will be launched by the carrier. We guess, the first Apple device to be officially available for T-Mobile could be the next generation iPhone. We are already hearing whispers about the iPhone 5S.

T-Mobile is currently reframing its 1900MHz network to provide faster speeds with unlocked Apple products used by customers. Yes, the carrier has been letting the users to experience their unlocked iPhones on its network. May be, T-Mobile’s first iPhone launch will probably concur with their LTE network launch next year.

Source: Deutsche Telekom

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