Apple iPad 2 spotted In China?

A bunch of photos from a Chinese website called DGtle [Chinese] of an iPad 2 mockup leaked online. All the photos matching closely with speculations and rumors we’ve been hearing about this hardware refresh of the unannounced iPad 2. Check out the all the images here.

Apple iPad 2 Full Specifications And Price Details

Apple iPad 2 is the successor of the popular iPad. It comes with iOS 4.3, dual-core A5 1GHz chipset, 9.7 inch display, 8.8mm thinner body, both front and back side cameras, 1080p HD video out, Wi-Fi, 3G, AT&T & Verizon connectivity, 16GB/32GB/64GB memory storage, Bluetooth 2.1, HDMI out, iMovie, Garage band, FaceTime apps, AirPlay enhancement, and more. Check out the full specifications, launch details and pricing information of the Apple iPad 2 here.

White iPad 2 Coming?

According to a pic that recently circulated online, it looks like we might be seeing a white version of the Apple iPad 2. The bezel in the pic is showing a tiny hole at the top of the bezel, which can be fixed with front-facing camera. Check out the leaked pic and more details about the upcoming iPad 2 here.

Apple iPad 2 event planned for March 2?

Rumors are suggesting that Apple is going to hold an event on March 2nd, where the company will be opening the curtains for the next generation iPad, the iPad 2. Check out more details about the unconfirmed source here.