iPhone Alarms stopped working on New Year’s Day; Fixes themselves on Jan 3rd

On the New Year’s day, a bug messing up the Apple’s Clock app in iOS, which lets single-use, non-repeating alarms fail to go off at all after New Year’s Day. This means that anybody who sets an alarm just for tomorrow won’t be woken up by the iPhone’s built-in alarm clock application. According to reports, this problem will get fixed by itself on January 3rd.

IANS News App launched for Android & iOS Platforms

IANS News is the official app for both Android & iOS handsets launched by India ‘s popular news agency IANS, which allows the users to get latest up to date news right from Politics to Entertainment to the news from your state with the support for offline viewing and following any specific news topic. This app is available at free of cost for both Android and iPhone users(iPad & iPod Touch also). Check out the more details here inside.

Apple removes WikiLeaks App from its App Store

iTunes App Store’s unofficial Wikileaks app which was giving sensitive Wikileaks data & spreading the leaked confidential cables from US embassies, has been removed shockingly from App Store. As soon the buzz on Wikileaks is over, this app might be available again. Check out full details here inside.