Teardown Begins: The New Apple iPhone 5 Scores 7/10 Repairability


The very first iPhone 5 teardown was performed by the German iPhone-garage site. Following the initial teardown, ifixit posted a highly detailed teardown of the iPhone shortly.

Teardowns gives us detailed evidence of the internal design of the device through various set of photos and videos. The initial teardown lacked the specifics and investigation. The breakdown details can be seen from ifixit and other specialist in teardown. Over the past few months, many of the internal components have already been seen in part leaks.


This teardown reveals that the iPhone 5 is more tightly pack in the internals with improvement in its interior structure of the device as compared to the predecessor.

From the trickled photos seen in ifixit, it is seen that the battery has been flipped over to accommodate access from the front of the device rather than the rear. With the headphone jack moving to the bottom results a considerable changes to the overall design. With new thinner and taller layout, Apple was able to add new feature Lightning connector as a design. The iPhone 5 is smaller and thinner than the iPhone 4S.

The teardown reveals that the most observable change to the bottom of the phone is the exchange of the large 30-pin dock connector for the diminutive Lightning connector. Apple claims that the Lightning connector is all digital. However, they also claim that the iPhone 5 supports analog audio-out and VGA video, indicating that there may be some kind of digital-to-analog conversion going on inside the cable.

The display connector is held firmly to the logic board by a few simple Phillips screws.

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Source: ifixit, iPhone-garage

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