Tecno Phantom V Yoga Revealed in Live Images and Leaked Specs

Tecno is reportedly preparing to enter the competition against Samsung with its upcoming device, the “Phantom V Yoga,” aiming to rival the Galaxy Z Flip4.

Tecno recently announced its foray into the world of rollable smartphones with the debut of the Phantom V Fold at MWC 2023. However, the brand’s ambitions may not be limited to rollable devices alone, as rumors indicate the development of a clamshell-style smartphone. This move reflects Tecno’s desire to keep pace with the growing popularity of foldable form-factors in the mobile industry. Exciting times lie ahead for Tecno as it explores new avenues in smartphone innovation.

Tecno Phantom V Yoga rumored Specs

Leak suggests that Tecno’s upcoming Phantom V Yoga is already in production and has been spotted in the wild. The leaked images reveal a device that bears a striking resemblance to the Vivo X Flip, but with an intriguing addition. The camera hump on the Tecno device appears to feature a round design, potentially housing not only the main camera setup but also a secondary display. This unique feature adds an interesting twist to the clamshell design and further fuels anticipation for Tecno’s entry into the foldable smartphone market.

The device is expected to come with HIOS based on Android 13, along with notable specifications such as “64MP dual cameras,” 8GB of RAM, and 256GB of internal storage. While it may seem like a potential competitor to the Galaxy Z Flip4, there is one detail that could potentially impact its position in the market. The device is also expected to be fueled by a 4,000mAh battery with 66W super-fast charging capabilities.

The initial rumors indicate that the Tecno “Phantom V Yoga” might be powered by the Dimensity 8050, one of MediaTek’s latest SoC updates, to drive its FHD+ main display. This suggests that the device could potentially offer competitive pricing compared to the Z Flip series, primarily targeting the mid-tier market segment instead of the premium tier.

Leaked images also suggest a striking similarity with Galaxy Z fold 4, although the “V Yoga” may feature a larger and more distinctive cover display. However, it is anticipated that the Tecno offering will come with mid-range specifications, setting it apart from the class-leading features of Samsung’s 2022 flagship.

Additionally, the rumored “Phantom V Yoga” from Tecno also bears some resemblance to the Huawei P50 Pocket, particularly with regards to the innovative feature. However, in this case, the feature appears to be significantly larger.

Indeed, the Android foldable clamshell smartphone market could benefit from the introduction of more affordable options. Tecno’s approach of offering a foldable device without flagship-level processing power may appeal to consumers seeking a more budget-friendly option. With the “Phantom V Yoga,” Tecno has the opportunity to bring foldable technology to the mainstream market and hopefully achieve greater success in their endeavor.



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