Telegram’s Awaited Stories Feature Arriving in July

In a latest exciting development, Telegram, a highly popular messaging app, revealed some positive news (but might disappoint some users): Stories are soon to be introduced on the platform.

Pavel Durov, the esteemed CEO and founder of Telegram, personally made the announcement within the app, expressing that an extensive number of users had been fervently requesting the addition of Stories for a considerable period. Acknowledging the persistent demand, the decision was made to seamlessly integrate this sought-after feature into the app.

Stories. They seem to have become ubiquitous. Originally introduced by Snapchat back in 2013, this feature has been adopted to an almost excessive degree by Meta and integrated into a wide range of their platforms, including Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Instagram (with remarkable success), and even WhatsApp.

Notably, Google also dabbled in this trend. And now, Telegram has decided to join the bandwagon, bringing Stories to its platform as well. It’s a development that demonstrates how this particular feature has permeated numerous applications, across different companies, aiming to captivate users with temporary visual content.

Telegram’s Stories feature won’t deviate significantly from what we’ve seen in other platforms. However, it will incorporate a few noteworthy aspects. Users will have the flexibility to determine the duration of their Stories before they expire, giving them greater control over their content. Additionally, Telegram will offer enhanced privacy options, allowing users to specify who can view their Stories.

If you’re curious about the appearance of Telegram’s Stories, we have provided a description at below. However, I must note that the content within Stories can vary widely, and some of it may not be suitable for a work environment.


The inclusion of dual camera support will enable users to capture moments from different perspectives, while caption support will provide the ability to add context or descriptions to their Stories. To ensure a seamless user experience, Telegram will implement a “compact UI” for Stories, ensuring easy accessibility without occupying excessive screen space and preserving valuable real estate within the app.

Telegram’s Stories feature will encompass various functionalities to enhance user engagement. Alongside photos and videos, users will have the option to include captions, providing additional context to their visual content. Notably, Stories will support the simultaneous capture of media using both the front and rear cameras, enabling dynamic storytelling possibilities.

In terms of lifespan, users will have the freedom to decide how long their Stories remain visible, with expiration options ranging from 6, 12, 24, to 48 hours. Alternatively, users can choose to make specific Stories permanently displayed on their profile, offering a lasting presence. Privacy settings can be customized individually for each Story, enabling fine-grained control over who can access the content.

Furthermore, Telegram has plans to introduce the capability to repost messages from channels directly to Stories. This upcoming feature will expand the range of content that can be shared and enjoyed within Stories, fostering greater engagement and interaction within the platform.

According to Durov, even the team’s initial skeptics grew to appreciate the Stories feature after conducting internal testing. The positive reception from the team members has led to a collective sentiment that Stories have become an integral part of the Telegram experience.

As a result, it is highly likely that the Stories feature will become a permanent fixture within the app once it is officially introduced. The team’s strong endorsement suggests that Telegram is committed to incorporating and maintaining Stories as a core component of its platform going forward.

Like Durov said, Stories will indeed be making their debut in Telegram starting from July.



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