Telus HTC One Pre-Orders Start Now; Order Yours For Just $149

Telus HTC One

Android fans in Canada are now getting the fine opportunity of snagging the new metal-clad HTC One smartphone starting today. Rogers has confirmed it has opened up pre-orders for its version of the HTC One handset. The device is being offered for as low as $149.99, but the users are required to subscribe for a three-year contract with the carrier. It looks like Rogers is only providing the 3-year contract price for HTC One phone.

Without ant contract, Rogers locked HTC One will set you at $649.99. The carrier has noted that the device is positioned to ship beginning April 18th and it is also requesting the users to allow 2-3 business days for delivery. The carrier is currently offering pre-orders on silver edition of the HTC One handset only.

Telus HTC One Pre-Order

HTC One packs a 5-inch FHD 1080p display with a 1.7GHz Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 600 quad-core processor inside which offers beefy processing power, and there’s an amazing 4MP Ultrapixel camera that can take higher quality still images and video while flooded by sunlight or moonlight, and it provided 300% more light than any 8MP or 13MP smartphone camera avail;able on market right now.It also lets you to shoot both HD video and still images in burst mode simultaneously using HTC Zoe mode and it can record both before and after the shutter tap. The device comes preinstalled with Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean with a quick update promised to v4.2 Jelly Bean build, which is latest and greatest version of Android OS.

Hit up the below link to place your order on Rogers connected HTC One. The carrier has already confirmed to sell the device at its retail stores from April 19th. AT&T, and Sprint have also decided to begin selling it on the same date in United States.


Telus HTC One Pre-Order

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  1. A quick heads up for our friends in Canada — Telus has just dropped word that its HTC One is now available for preorder, ahead of its scheduled April 19 availability. The Canadian Standard Contract — ah, the ol’ CSC — brings the price down to a mere $149, but that’s for a ridiculously long three-year contract. Purchased outright, the HTC One will run $659.
    Around the end of 2013, the HTC M7, which would ultimately become the HTC One, and the Samsung Galaxy S4 were the talk of the town. Rumors popped up on a daily basis which ultimately culminated with the two device launches which happened in the last few weeks.


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