Tesla launched a $300 wireless phone charger

Finally, Tesla did it. Today, the EV company officially launched a new Qi charger, that can wirelessly charge not just one, not two, but three entire smartphones at once, providing up to 15 watts of power to each one. Back in 20017, Apple’s highly anticipated oval-shaped AirPower was canceled even before it hit stores, which was also supposed to recharge up to three devices simultaneously.

Tesla’s wireless charger got great build quality. It’s got an aluminum housing with an Alcántara surface, which is a premium suede-like synthetic fabric. It has an angular, metallic styled design, which the company says is inspired by the Cybertruck.

Furthermore, it also ships with a detachable magnetic stand, which lays flat and sits at an angle, so that users can adjust the viewing angle of their smartphones on top of it. Using FreePower technology, it can wirelessly charge a device placed anywhere on its surface without any alignment issues.

Tesla’s Wireless Charging Platform has 30 coils lined up underneath the charging station in a design very similar to the never-released Apple AirPower. Tesla says that users can place devices like smartphones and wireless earbuds anywhere on the surface. However, as Samsung Galaxy Watches lineup and the Google Pixel Watch do not use Qi charging, they cannot be wirelessly charged using the Tesla Wireless Charging Platform. This charging pad isn’t also compatible with MagSafe.

Tesla’s Wireless Charging Platform is now available for pre-order, priced at $300. All the orders will start shipping in February 2023. Please note that there are already many best wireless chargers available in the market that are made by renowned accessory makers such as Anker, Belkin, and iOttie. Some of these of other wireless chargers also can charge up to three devices at once at a far lower price.

source: Tesla

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