The Daily app for Apple iPad hits App Stores for $0.99 per week [Download]

The Daily App for iPad

The iPad-only newspaper/magazine, The Daily is now finally official and it is now available for download.The Daily is jst like a daily paper with 360 degree photos by swiping and, naturally, lots of fancy multimedia content, such as original video content, and some articles will even be read aloud from within the app for iPad every day and the new issues will be available 365 days each year.

The Daily also includes audio versions, with professional voice-over, Web-friendly versions of articles to share on Twitter and others will be able to read those stories for free via the web. Full schedules and news updates for the favourite teams for sports fans and there will also be weather forecasts, crossword puzzles, and Sudoku puzzles every day, interactive charts, info-graphics and click-able hot spots. The Daily will be free thanks to a sponsorship agreement with Verizon

Price & Availability

The Daily iPad-only app is now available in the App Store and it would cost you a $0.99 per week or you can for $39.99 pricing option for a one-year subscription.

Buy: iPad-only, the Daily app is now available here at App Store(hit the link). Download it now. It is weighing of 46.5 MB of size.

[Source: iTunes]

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